I feel like I’ve reached the holy Rapp trinity. I’ve now photographed all three of their kiddos for their birthdays, all three have encompassed some beautiful colors: Amy’s being floral & pumpkins, Sam’s Autumn lakeside session, and now Wendy’s vivid secret garden/Lisa Frank, dinosaur tea party, and it’s for her THIRD BIRTHDAY, WOOHOO!! All these colors and I can’t help but remember the days I peddled Lisa Frank stickers out of a metal tin in the second grade haha! It truly was a magical session, take a look!!

Wendy found a hidden gate in the middle of the brick wall sprawling with ivy, leading to what only could possibly be a secret garden of course. The imagination of a child is an inspiring thing.

Nicole and AJ brilliantly tapped into their daughter’s interests and decided a dinosaur tea party was just what Wendy needed, fit for a fun and silly little princess!

The most magical part of the session was the way Wendy’s eyes sparkled when her family joined her. To feel loved, cherished, and supported for all the things that make you unique and beautiful— what more could a girl ask for for her birthday.

Happy birthday, Wendy! You are an absolute doll and radiate joy. I hope you never lose your wonder, joy from dancing among wildflowers, and desire to get a little dirty & dig in the mud.

Nicole and AJ,

Thank you for the time spent with your family. It’s always a treasure! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting your little girls’ milestones to me and my camera.

Love, Araka

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