When you enter the Rivera house, you’re not quite sure if you’ve stepped directly into a magical bakery or Joanna Gaines’ kitchen, maybe a mixture of both because I for one haven’t visited the Silos. But that’s the kind of eye Breana has, it’s inspiring to say the least! It’s not always easy being a military family, when your husband answers duty’s call and can’t be there to help with the kids. When the oven clock is going off for your client’s cake and two little girls need you at the same time. But Breana sees to it, to feed her creative soul and love on those two little ones like no one else can. And boy, do they love their mama!

I was delighted to be welcomed into their home, to take photos of the three lovely ladies, and to sip some delicious coffee. I left there with my heart full and my caffeine levels through the roof.

I had asked Breana’s oldest daughter, Eloisa, to make some animal noises so her little sister Eliana would giggle. “How about a turtle?” she asked. Curious to see just what a turtle would actually say, “Sure!” I replied. She starts punching the air and making karate fighting noises. “TURTLES FIGHT! I LOVE NINJA TURTLES!” That’s when I realized I had one of the coolest little girls in the entire world standing right there in front of me.

I know the days might be long, Breana, but the years are short. You got this. I honestly can’t say enough about your courage, your big heart, the enormous talent you have, and what a wonderful mother and friend you are.

Breana, Eloisa, & Eliana,

Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home, singing Greatest Showman at the top of our lungs, and dancing until I thought I was gonna pass out. I love you girls ~ Araka

PS – Reshoot when Gabe’s back <3

Rivera Gals Lifestyle Session


 "I can say with most certainty that she was the best decision we have made for our special day!"

Alyssa and Aaron

"It feels as if you’ve been friends forever. Not only do you get the most breath taking photos ever, but you also get an experience that you cherish forever."


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