I still remember the phone call as I stood outside my hotel, a peacock to my right and the beach on my left. In 2014 I had a summer stint in California for some training and Stephanie had called to catch me up on the things I was missing back home in Augusta. The biggest news of all? She was madly in love with Caleb whom she had began dating just before I left town. I remember the delight in her voice, the kind where you know she’s smiling as she is talking a mile a minute—and I was loving every second of it. This is the woman who ushered in a sort of golden era in my life. She became one of my very first friends here in Augusta, introduced me to our bible study group that was integral in my life (not to mention where I met my husband!), led us in becoming closer and stronger in the Lord, and headed up volunteer opportunities in our community, all while working full time as a nurse. This girl was nothing short of amazing and she had found the love of her life. “I know it’s fast but I’m falling for him hard and I think… I’m going to marry him!” And indeed that autumn she did. And like the whirlwind that romance can be, the army called and Caleb whisked her off to Hawaii. So who knew.. who knew that the next time I would see her would be to celebrate the birth of their beautiful daughter! Let me introduce you to sweet sweet Caroline Mae ~

It is absolutely surreal to have them back in the area. I’m left wondering how in the world they managed to do it. As she was nearing the end of her third trimester, he was still a full time Army officer (and we all know it’s not unheard of to work long hours in the military) while she was still an RN at the hospital AND going to grad school [PREGNANT!]. They then managed to pack up and move across the ocean and country to come back to the east coast just in time to give birth. Soo.. they’re ninjas— that’s the only explanation I can think of!

Kicking off their lifestyle session I saw a moses basket off in the corner. “THIS! We should use this!” Gifted to them & paired with Stephanie’s own blanket from her childhood, we nestled Caroline atop and she was purely angelic. I’m absolutely obsessed!

 I’m a sucker for baby yawns!!

I’m a sucker for baby yawns!!

Snuggling in together and holding their precious little one, Stephanie and Caleb have obviously grown even more in love since I had seen them years ago. Nothing makes me happier than to see such wonderful people have this pure joy and happiness.

 And then Caroline gave me a wink to make sure we knew she had them wrapped around her finger ;)

And then Caroline gave me a wink to make sure we knew she had them wrapped around her finger 😉

So Caroline, I pray that you have their talents in leadership, their tremendously kind heart for others, and above all else your parents’ and their parents’ love for the Lord. I know you will go on to do great things and this world is blessed in having the Morris family grow.

It’s Stephanie’s birthday and I hope that it’s filled with love, joy, and much celebration because that girl, I tell you what, has accomplished so much this year along side Caleb, it’s crazy. Congratulations Stephanie on your beautiful daughter, a new degree, and making it back home safe and sound, you ninja you!

And just when you thought this blog had reached maximum cuteness capacity, I leave you with this photo. I can literally feel my heart squeezing from all her cuteness!

Caleb & Stephanie,

Thank you for you inviting me into your home and letting me adore your little girl!



Baby Caroline – North Augusta, SC Newborn Lifestyle Session


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