Scrolling down my Facebook feed I paused when I saw the most precious little face laying on his mama’s chest – Hailey’s baby boy had arrived!!! And a cutie to boot! So you know I squealed when Hailey messaged asking if she could book a newborn lifestyle session – OF COURSE! I just couldn’t wait to get those newborn snuggles with baby Aiden. 

Friday morning arrived and I couldn’t get over there quick enough, I was so excited! A super quiet knock on her front door juuust in case the baby was sleeping. ‘Hmm.. too quiet’ A bit more of a rap on the front door- ah! “Girl Hi! Yes come on in!!” Hailey greeted me at the front door. Any expectations I had of needing to whisper, out the door – literally. “I didn’t want to wake Aiden so I was sure to be quiet” I explained. Laughing, she told me that Aiden was a sound sleeper and the utmost chill baby I’d meet. Sure enough, there he was sleeping soundly in his crib, unphased by my entrance and looking even cuter in person- I didn’t even think it was possible!

Alright, definite baby fever creeping in! His nursery was adorned in animal prints and baby boy goodness all around. He stirred a bit and mama knew he was hungry. Ryan made his way into the nursery, eager to help out with feeding the baby. These two make a great team! 

We caught up on all things baby and parenthood, and what great resources grandmas are (like insisting on crib mobiles!). 

This little man was so happy snuggling with Mama then content as could be when it was Dad’s turn 🙂

I looked into Aiden eyes and smiled ear to ear as I began to think of his future;  although he’s just few weeks old I feel like I know the kind of young man he’ll grow up to be. When you know his parents, you can’t help but realize Aiden will have the same kind & generous soul, with a bit of Texas heat for passion.

His baby yawns brought me back to the present and I soaked in his adorable newborn-ness. I mean, how cute is he!

It was easy to see that these two have fallen even more in love and easily slipped into their new roles as parents so naturally. I’m beyond excited for Hailey + Ryan and to watch their baby boy grow up. But not too fast, Aiden! Thank you so much for spending your Friday morning with me and letting me love on your little one. 

Love, Araka



Evans Georgia Newborn Lifestyle Session – Baby Aiden


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