As I left my neighborhood Saturday evening, I gasped when I saw the clouds. Do you remember the sky that evening? The light was reaching down in beams. As I caught the highway, I prayed repeatedly ,”Oh please let it still be visible for our portrait session, that would be absolutely beautiful.”  I drove in awe, smiling as I tried to remember what I had heard the phenomena called.. was it ladder to heaven? It was the perfect message from God as I drove towards Euchee Creek Trail to spend time with the Blakemans. They always radiate God’s goodness and love. It seemed as I kept driving along I-20 I was actually moving in on the sun beams. I was practically dancing in the drivers seat! It hid once I took the Grovetown exit but when I took a turn onto the street for the park, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was directly above where our session was taking place!! I quickly messaged Keturah “God’s showing off for you!” 

I couldn’t help but reflect on the moment when Keturah told me she was expecting. She had come over for a playdate in the spring, gracefully shepherding her four boys into my backyard while my baby napped. We sat under my blooming jasmine, taking in the heavenly scent, when she handed me the spring issue of the Magnolia Journal.  “Did you hear Joanna is pregnant again?!” she asked. “Yes isn’t it wonderful!” I replied. I didn’t find the topic out of the ordinary since we often bonded over the beautiful things in life: Jesus, marriage, motherhood, calligraphy, and Joanna Gaines. “Well, we have another one on the way…” She looked at my slyly. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the ground. She was beaming as she looked over at her four boys playing ball. 


It wasn’t long after that she and Mark hosted a gender reveal. She had waited until almost second trimester to even spill the beans! You can imagine the excitement that filled their living room. Was it going to be a 5th boy? Or their very first girl!? My heart was pounding, I was so invested in the anticipation that was building. That pink balloon popped up I started SCREAMING! I’m not even that crazy I swear, but I couldn’t help myself! …then a second pink balloon popped up… “WHAT?!?!” I shouted “TWINS?!?!” Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that they’d be expecting twin girls. Never ever! I got goosebumps. I started sobbing. What had come over me?! I just knew from the bottom of my heart God had something big in store for this family and these two baby girls. 


I get butterflies just thinking about that moment, even still. These boys are going to be the most doting big brothers; I cannot wait to witness it. And Mark! Embrace yourself for so much pink and frills – it’s coming!

Such a loving, caring, Christ centered family that God is blessing in leaps and bounds. It shows in the way they love one another and love others around them. Add a dash of silliness and you’ve got it on the nose. Speaking of which, the boys want to show you how they dab – 

I don’t know what God has in store for these two little girls but I do know it’s going to be nothing short of inspiring and absolute beauty, just like rest of the crew. 

Mark, Keturah, Justice, Jasher, Ezra, and Eli- you are all so amazing! Thank you for spending your Saturday evening with me facing the Georgia heat and braving ginormous puddles 🙂 

Love, Araka

Blakeman Family Portraits – Grovetown, Georgia – Euchee Creek Trail


 "I can say with most certainty that she was the best decision we have made for our special day!"

Alyssa and Aaron

"It feels as if you’ve been friends forever. Not only do you get the most breath taking photos ever, but you also get an experience that you cherish forever."


"She is extremely personable and so talented. I highly recommend Araka Walker for her beautiful work and personality!"

Alison and Brandon